Executive Summary

Advance Pest Control Services, Inc. is a fully registered and insured Corporation that provides Pest Control Services in New York State. It is also registered with the City as a small Business Organisation.The Company is owned and operated by Alvin J. Patterson.
The Company currently provides services to Property Management Companies, Landlords, Offices, Restaurants, Delis, Factories, Residencial Properties and  Apartments.

Mission Statement

We will deliver innovative pest control services that are environmentally friendly to our customers. Our intention is  to build a World Class Company. We will conduct our pest control business with the highest integrity, providing uncomprising quality service at all times. We will decisively and consistently identify, reduce and control the pest of our Customers until they are pest free.


We are dedicated to providing our Customers with the highest level of care available. This inludes respecting and cherishing our Customers and treating them as we would our best friend. You can always be assured that we are listening carefully to your needs and that we will provide you with the best pest control solution possible.


Alvin is licensed in New York State to provide service as follows;
7A-General Pest Control Services
7F-Food Processing establishments


Our Poem

If you don't feed
They will go elswhere to breed
If you don't give them water
They won't loiter
If there is nowhere to hide
They won't stay inside
Sanitation is the key
To be pest free.


Due to the Political and Social changes of 1970's Jamaica, a number of residents and Companies migrated. My pest exterminating Company was one of them. In the mid 1980's I decided to do the pest control service myself. So I bought a spray can and some chemicals. Soon after I started families, friends and neighbours started requesting my service and this soon grew into a small informal business.

In 2001 I migrated to New York and while working as the accountant with a Property Management Company in 2005, I was encouraged to do the Pest Exterminator's course because of the numerous complaints from tenants about the service that they were receiving.

In 2006 I worked with two different Companies, first as a tech providing general pest control service and then as the resident tech at a pschiatric Center providing IPM service. At the end of 2006 I started my own Company, providing service on weekends during 2007. It is now a fulltime service Company.

About Us:
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